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How Many Doors Are There in the World? Uncovering the Astonishing Numbers

by Salamat Ali
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When it comes to the question of how many doors are in the world, the answer is not a straightforward one. The exact number of doors in the world remains elusive due to various factors and the absence of a centralized database that keeps track of every single door. However, we can delve into some estimations and fascinating insights to shed light on this intriguing topic.

Estimating the Number of Doors

Estimating the total number of doors globally requires considering different sources and industry data. While the figures may vary, let’s explore some estimations to provide a comprehensive view:

  1. Extrapolation from the Number of People: One approach involves extrapolating from the world population. With approximately 7.9 billion people, assuming each person has two to three doors in their homes, we can estimate the total number of doors to be between 15.8 and 23.7 billion.
  2. Objects with Doors: Another method involves considering the types of objects typically equipped with doors, such as cars, bikes, tables, toys, and wheelchairs. By accounting for these objects, the estimated range for the total number of doors is between 30 and 42 billion.
  3. Commercial Areas and Public Buildings: Some researchers estimate the number of doors based on commercial areas, offices, clinics, and other public places. This approach suggests the total number of doors to be between 100 and 200 billion.

Considering these diverse approaches, it becomes clear that pinning down an exact figure for the total number of doors worldwide is a daunting task due to the wide range of estimates.

Doors in Residential and Commercial Buildings

The majority of doors can be found in residential and commercial buildings. In an average household, there are approximately four doors. Moreover, millions of commercial buildings have multiple entry points, further increasing the count of doors.


Repurposing and Reuse

While billions of doors exist globally, it is essential to note that not all doors remain in use indefinitely. Many doors find new life through repurposing or reuse. For instance, a door that is no longer needed in a home might be repurposed as a barn door, or a discarded car door could be transformed into a piece of art. Therefore, the overall count of doors in use fluctuates over time.

The Highest Door in the World

When discussing doors, it’s intriguing to highlight notable examples. The highest door in the world can be found at the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Centre on Merritt Island. This colossal door takes a staggering 45 minutes to open or close and can withstand a 30-megaton blast.

Doors vs. Wheels Debate

A fascinating debate often arises regarding whether the world has more doors or wheels. While some argue that doors outnumber wheels since most things with wheels have doors, others assert that most wheels do not have doors. This debate often sparks discussions on social media platforms, showcasing the diverse opinions on this topic.


In conclusion, determining the precise number of doors in the world remains a challenging task. Estimations range from 15.8 billion to 200 billion, considering factors such as the world population, objects with doors, and commercial areas. While the actual count of doors may fluctuate due to repurposing and reuse, doors continue to play a significant role in residential, commercial, and public settings. The world of doors is filled with fascinating possibilities and remarkable examples, such as the highest door in the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building. So, whether you’re pondering the grand scale or contemplating the wheels vs. doors debate, the world of doors invites us to appreciate the diversity and importance of these fundamental elements of our built environment.

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